Vial Powder Filling Machine Made in India

Auger Powder Filling Machine

Auger Powder Filling Machine

Auger Powder Filling Machine (auger powder filler) including Bottle powder filling machine is is suitable to fill large volume of powder into bottles, jars & other containers. Machine provides production output of 40 containers per minute and suitable for pharmaceutical, biotech, veterinary and food industry.

It is compact machine, self supported on Stainless Steel legs with height adjustment. The machine is precisely built on sturdy welded Mild Steel frame and duly cladded with Stainless Steel. The powder filling unit is mounted on the pillars is supported by top plate with height adjustments.


Features of Auger Powder Filling Machine

  • Standard as well as Optional Servo Driven Filling Head.
  • No Bottle - No Fill System.
  • All contact parts made of SS316 and Nylon/HDPE material with easy removal system for Cleaning.
  • Machine construction in SS304 material.
  • Filling Accuracy of +/- 3% depending upon powdwer characteristics and environmental conditions.
  • A.C. Variable Frequency Drive Speed Control
  • Built in Turn Tables with Separate Drive for speed control.
  • IQ/OQ documentation can be provided.
  • PLC system with Graphical User Interface can be offered.
  • Inbuilt Laminar Air Flow can be offered for sterile class 100 filling.

Auger Powder Filler Operation

Duly cleaned containers are placed to the filling machine platform. From there containers transport towards the filling station with the help of conveyor belt. As soon as the bottle is sensed by bottle sensor, magnetic clutch starts to rotate which is mounted on the auger shaft. It fills the desired volume of powder to the container through Auger. After completion of filling process bottle transfers on conveyor for next capping operations.

Model AI-APF 1
Production Output Up to 30 bottles per min
Fill Volume 5gms. to 60gms. In Single Dose System
Container Size Custom made as per required container size
Filling Accuracy ± 2 – 3% in single dosing depending upon consistency and uniformity of bulk density of Powder
Power Load 2 H. P.
Overall Dimension 1810 mm (L) x 905 mm (W) x 1900 mm approx.
Conveyor Height 850 - 950 mm adjustable
Electrical 415VAC 3Phase and 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50 Hz) with A.C. Drive
* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.